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[OOC] Stats/Permissions + Contact

Name: Timmy
GTalk/Email: hawkins.virgil at gmail. com
Timezone/Availability: GMT +8
Preferred Method?: Gmail! Gchat works fine too.


Age: 16-17 
Height: At least 5'7''
Weight: Muscled, but in a lean sense. A little on the heavy side.
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Red
Other: He's a cat, without a tail. Pointed ears, fangs, sharp claw-like nails.


Pings Sensed/Pings Emitted: Liono is completely normal (FOR NOW)
Weird Soul Stuff: His soul is bright, but shaky, since he's an insecure king.
Mind reading?: Is fine!
Touching: Is also fine. He'll just make faces.
Sex: If you're a furry, then sure.
Fighting: o/
Torture: First talk to me.
Squicks: I'M GOOD do your worst
Fourth-wall: Yes, always
Other: :?