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[OOC] Thusia App

Character Name: Liono
Canon: Thundercats 2011

Appearance: He looks like this. Tannish fur, green/blue eyes, average height and well-muscled. He doesn't have claws on his hands as much as he has VERY VERY SHARP NAILS. The same goes for his toes. He has fangs for teeth
Cause of Death: Freefall. To him, the reason is unknown.
Impact of Death: For Liono, it would be huge. He would be unable to save his kingdom and his people, the entire world would be lost to his mistake. But a part of him would realize that Tygra would pick up the slack and in the end, he could never make a difference at all. For all his brashness, Liono has little faith in himself, a faith that has been continuously battered over his life as a prince.
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Character Info:
Liono is the Prince of Thundera. But he was never much of a prince. With his head up in the clouds, Liono was naturally curious and refused to dismiss any theory or story. Firmly believing in the world that lies outside of his walls, he got a reputation of being a loser prince and generally disregarded by the public, who favoured his brother Tygra. Before, it was never a problem and Liono could contend with losing to his brother. However, when the lizards invaded and Thundera was destroyed, everything changed. Even Liono's father, King Claudius died, leaving Liono, the unsure prince as the sole ruler and King.

Now, Liono had a quest in front of him and an entire kingdom to bring back to its former glory. While appearing to be brash, loud and headstrong, Liono has no faith in himself and his abilities, not when his half-brother Tygra has always beaten him at everything. Still, Liono has always kept an open mind, learning from his mistakes and preferring to play things cautiously instead of running to a fight he can't win. And during his travels, Liono struggles to master himself and learn to see the bigger picture, so that he in turn, can understand himself better. Liono makes mistakes and he knows it, but he wants to trust in people and continue making mistakes if it means he gets it right in the end.

Being a person of royalty, Liono always expects to be treated with respect and understanding. When he gets neither, he tries to be more like himself, the brash and easy-going Liono. Still, he gets angry and upset when his opinion is questioned and if things go badly, Liono loses more and more faith in himself. Still, Liono is willing to make friends and learn new things. In a world he barely knows, Liono makes more mistakes than successes, but his friends understand that he puts his heart into helping people and repaying them back for any kindness. Liono would never walk away from any injustice.

Abilities (before Powercap): Liono is agile, with quick reflexes and strong punches. He has no superpowers. With his sword, the Sword of Omens, he's able to find whatever he needs and able to glimpse visions of the future. It is a lightning blade and near-unbeatable in his hands.
Abilities (after Powercap): Liono fights like an exceptionally strong human with claws.
Items Brought In: The Sword of Omens

Introduce yourself in a few sentences.
Hello. I am Liono, Lord of the Thundercats. I am honoured to make your acquaintance and I hope that you and I can be valuable allies.

Describe yourself physically.
I'm rather handsome if I do say so myself. ... Yes, I have fur. You'd think you people would be used to seeing cat-people by now, sheesh. And yes, my hair is naturally spiky, I don't know how it stays up like that. I guess once I get more, it'll come down. But that's never gonna happen. I don't want to look like my dad.

What was your childhood like?
Do I have to talk about this? It was okay, I guess. I had a really annoying older brother who was better at everything. And left me at the bottom of a well to die. Good times. ... Seriously though... it wasn't all that bad. My father... even when he was strict, was good to me. Everyone was. Jagga... Snarf... even Tygra. Sometimes.

Who is most important to you, and why?
There is no one person who's important to me. My people are important and I'm their king. It won't do good if I started picking favourites. I thought... I had someone important to me, but it turns out she wasn't interested in me at all. Guess I can't help coming in second place.

What's your biggest pet peeve?
I can't stand it when people think I can't do anything at all. You'd think a royal prince would know a thing or two, but noooo, it's always "Liono can't think" or "Maybe the sword picked the wrong prince". No one would even let me try, they just tear me up right from the start! I'm telling you, nothing bites as much as that. Not even a hairball.

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Why?
I think I'm a bit of both. The future's kinda up in the air, you know? I think I'm a realist, but I also have to remember that sometimes, you need to stand and fight. My friend Emeric taught me that.

Where, or how, did you learn your most important skills?
I guess I learned about the world from going down to the lower levels of Thunderia. It taught me a lot about people, about how they're treated and what they need. It's important for a king to know that.

Do you think world peace is possible?
Yes. If the parties are interested and good will gestures are made. You can't always think you're in the right. You have to make the first step.

Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
I wish I could. But I work with a team. Some team. They're always picking on me. So yeah, I guess we fight a lot.

What turns you on the most?
A cat doesn't meow and tell. Sorry.

Anything else you'd like to say?

I think that sums it up nicely.

Write a third person sample on the subject of your choice.
No one believes in me, Liono thought to himself. He set the piece of technology on his table, surveying the bits and pieces of metal and scrap he's collected over the years. This all existed, all found in various places of Third Earth. Surely, it wasn't just his imagination going wild... was it? He picked up the newly acquired technology he just bought. It was shaped like an arrow, silver-grey, with a hole at the tip and a trigger around the curve. Liono chuckled. It didn't work though. No matter how many times he took it apart and put it back together, he never understood it. And probably never will.

"What's the use, Snarf?" He said, turning to his childhood pet, who meowed encouragingly, "I know, I know I should give up but if I do..."

I'll have nothing else to be good at, he finished in his mind. Tygra was the army specialist, Tygra was the one who excelled in his studies, Tygra was the one who had the most formal training as a guard...

Tygra was the one who was supposed to get the crown, leaving Liono with the scraps. But it was the one thing he couldn’t take from Liono. He shook his head. Tygra was his brother. They grew up together. Surely, their jealousy over each other’s status wasn’t so poisonous. Even when things got sour, Tygra has always had his back. Liono could give him more credit.

He bent down, petting Snarf a little, easing away the troubled bent of his mind. His father and Jagga always said to see things through. Even though giving up seems easy, he shouldn’t. He was the Crown Prince and technology does exist and he knows it. And someday, he’ll prove it to every cat that he was telling the truth. Liono sighed happily. He felt better already.