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2012-01-26 04:48 pm
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[OOC] Hiatus + Questions Meme?

So, due to Sabra Erik-mun visiting and Emeric/The Kid stopping over this weekend, I am officially MIA from the 27th to the 30th!

You should all be jealous of our hijinks.

Also, questions meme for Lion-o and Sherlock Holmes! Please note that Sherlock has no good opinions, just bitchy ones.
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2012-01-10 09:34 pm
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[OOC] Fic Recs

Bedtime Stories - gen - " There were other machines, Lion-O was certain. He had to find the right book, discover the right lost piece of information. Technology could heal wounds."

Duty - Tygra and
 Lion-o kid!fic, dark  - " Tygra was in his new room not even a night before he was awaken by a being rocking his bed"
2011-12-25 05:27 pm
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[OOC] Thusia App

Character Name: Liono
Canon: Thundercats 2011
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2011-12-25 05:16 pm
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[OOC] Stats/Permissions + Contact

Name: Timmy
GTalk/Email: hawkins.virgil at gmail. com
Timezone/Availability: GMT +8
Preferred Method?: Gmail! Gchat works fine too.

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